About Us

AW Industries are the pioneers for all your smoke and vape needs in the industry. We are a wholesale company located in Atlanta, Georgia providing superior quality smoke shop wholesale accessories, head shop wholesale accessories, wholesale vaporizers, and vaporizer wholesale accessories. Our suppliers are firmly committed to ethically sourcing materials for all of our products and take pride in providing you quality products that your customers can depend on. At AW Industries we offer competitive pricing on all bulk wholesale orders and we will price match any competitor's price. We ensure you will receive your products in a timely fashion with world-class customer service.

We create innovative, value-oriented products.  As both manufacturer and distributor, we remove middlemen between us and the consumer, cutting costs and making us more responsive to customer demand. From our Drip E-Liquid to our Wachtools dabbing equipment, our house brands offer value-oriented solutions to every retailer’s product needs.

Our collection of smoke and vape products will allow you to create a competitive advantage in the industry.  We carry hundreds of well known brands at an unbeatable price.  Whether you have one store, or a chain of locations, our pricing creates margins that your business will profit from. We carry a very diverse collection of quality products including: water pipes, bubblers, oil accessories, vaporizers, grinders, hookahs, scales, supplements, incense, detox, hookah tobacco, metal pipes, e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, assorted glass and more.

Please contact us toll free at 1-888-705-8898 to place an order or if you have any questions or concerns. You can also fax us at 1-888-743-8898 or e-mail us at sales@awindutries.com. Please note, we are strictly a wholesaler and you must register in order to view pricing or to make a purchase.